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Hi everyone

PostPosted: 07 Nov 2015 11:01
by Hypnotist
Name: Dimitris
Age: 28
Male or female IRL: I am a male
Homecountry and timezone: i am Greek and my timezone is GMT+2
How active are you: I intent to be really active
Main characters name, level and class: Hypnotist lvl 1 Orc Mystic(promising Dominator)
Lineage 2 history: I am traveling in private servers many many years and decided to join in Official.
Clan history: None
Why did you choose KJ: Old clan with good reputation.
rules of KJ I read them
KJ Rules
Do you accept these rules: Ye, of course.

Re: Hi everyone

PostPosted: 08 Nov 2015 16:58
by Shelly
hello and welcome to our boards, i suppose you cannot pm anyone due to whisper protection for lowlevels, so please tell me a time when you are online and when i can reach you :)