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My Application

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2015 22:40
by BloodSwan
Hi everyone, i'm applying to have forum access, please accept :D

Name:Lucas da Rocha Elias
Age: 32
Male or female IRL: Male
Homecountry and timezone: Switzerland +1
How active are you: fairly acive, almosty daily. Play mostly after 6pm
Main characters name, level and class: Akamana(Mage 98/Healer89) Donnjuan(Buffer 93)
Lineage 2 history:Started on Gracia 1 in the Official joined KJ Academy as Bloodswan, my kamael, but in Gracia 1 Kamaels sucked badly, than i re-rolled Healer, later on the clan i joined the Main Const in the clan, led by Silenia, later on i left the clan and joined our main Big ally at the time (Right clan, the less cheating big clan at the time). Than i stopped playing for a few years, time to time i logged in to check it out, only now i am coming back to really play again.
Clan history: Explained in L2 History.
Why did you choose KJ: To get back to old friends and the friends of my old friends.
Now pls read the rules of KJ
KJ Rules
Do you accept these rules: Yes
Good luck with your application!

Re: My Application

PostPosted: 01 Jan 2016 21:06
by Shelly
granted :D